[Vids] Music Core 14.01.2012

14 Jan

Hari ini MuCore kembali lagi. MBLAQ, Sunny Hill, dan Nine Muses melakukan comeback mereka. Selain itu, ada Rainbow Pixie yang melakukan debut. Di MuCore hari ini ada penampilan dari T-ara, Boyfriend, A Pink, CHAOS, dan yang lainnya.
So, let’s check this out ^^

AXIZ – Give Me A Hug

Fat Cat – Is Being Pretty Everything

CHAOS – She Is Coming

Nine Muses – NEWS

Park Hyun Bin – Hourglass

Rainbow Pixie – Hoi Hoi

Chocolat – I Like It

Glow – Do Not Tell

Boyfriend – I’ll Be There

MBLAQ – Scribble

MBLAQ – It’s War

Teen Top – Going Crazy

A Pink – MY MY (Remix)

T-ara – Lovey Dovey

Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song

Tiffany, Yuri – MC Cuts

cre: CodeBana, ForeverKpopGirlsCX, TheGroove426 @YT
-she for koreanindo-

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