JYJ Junsu rilis video klip spesial untuk “You Are So Beautiful”

16 Aug

Sukses menjadi kameo dalam drama SBS “Scent of a Woman’, JYJ Junsu juga berpartisipasi dalam soundtracknya. Lagu “You are so Beautiful” ini pun menduduki peringkat atas di berbagai chart musik digital, tak lama setelah dirilis.

Setelah merilis versi acapella, kini video klip spesial dirilis untuk semua pemirsa setia “Scent of a Woman” dan juga fans JYJ sendiri.


Junsu – You Are So Beautiful (Lyrics)


지금 난 너의 눈을 보며 운다

I am crying now looking into your eyes

(너의)네 맘을 보며 운다

Looking into your heart

애써 해맑게도 쓴웃음 짓는 그 표정에

I want to hold you in that expression

너를 담아두고 싶다.

Smiling bitterly struggling to be bright

(너의) 그 바보같이 예쁜 꿈들과 어설픈 모습들

Your foolishly beautiful dreams and awkwardness

하루하루 니 모습이 추억을 만들어

Images of you create memories everyday

날 기억해 이 여린손 흩어진 머리까지도

I remember your delicate hands. Even your tousled hair

(Forever you) you are so beautiful

(Forever you) you are so beautiful~

내가슴에 밀려와 (밀려와)

It floods into my heart (floods in~)

스며와 (스며와)

Seeps in (seeps in)

다가와 번진 상처도

Even the spreading wounds closes in

(Forever you) you are so wonderful

(Forever you) You are so wonderful~

시린 내 사랑도

My bitter love (love)

네 눈물도

Your tears (tears)

내 아픈 상처를 지우죠

Wash away my painful wounds

널 사랑한다

I love you


I love you

Eng-trans: @inheaven_wJYJ

Shared by: 3rebelangels.wordpress

Momma’s Source: http://www.viki.com


download versi acapella


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